Why opt for reception furniture in a hairdressing salon?

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Reception counter for your barber and women's salon

When running a barbershop or women's salon, it's important to create a welcoming atmosphere for customers as soon as they arrive. Reception furniture is the first thing customers see when they enter your workplace. It must therefore be practical and aesthetically pleasing, reflecting the salon's brand image. Choosing the right reception counter can therefore be crucial to customer satisfaction and the success of your hair salon. The aim of this article is to help you discover and learn more about reception desks for hair salons, to help you work more ergonomically.

Hair salon reception furniture to enhance your image

A reception desk for a barbershop or women's hair salon is usually the focal point of the reception area. It is designed to welcome customers and facilitate interaction with reception staff. This professional furniture can vary in size and style depending on the salon's overall aesthetic. Made from durable, elegant materials that will last for many years. Modern reception counters can also include more subtle details such as LED lighting to add a touch of elegance.

Reception furniture for hair salons: choose with care

If you're looking to adopt reception furniture for your barbershop or women's hair salon, here are a few things to consider:

Size and available space

The size of your reception furniture should depend on the size of your living room. It will also depend on the number of guests you're expecting. So there should be enough space for customers to move around freely and interact with reception staff.

Style and design

The style and design of your reception countertop should match the mood and theme of your living room. If your living room has a more traditional aesthetic, you can opt for a solid wood countertop with brass or copper details. If your living room is more modern, you can opt for a stainless steel countertop with clean lines.


Lighting is an important element to consider when choosing your reception counter. There should be enough light for reception staff to work efficiently. However, the lighting should also be soft and welcoming to customers.


Your reception desk should be functional and easy for staff to use. There should be enough space to store office supplies and allow employees to work comfortably.

comptoir de réception salon de coiffure

Customer comfort

The reception counter is often the first impression customers have of your salon. So it's important to create a space that's easy on the eye, welcoming and comfortable for customers. You can add chairs or benches for customers to sit on while they wait for their appointment.

The materials

The materials used for the reception counter should be durable and elegant. The choice of materials may vary according to the interior design or the hairdresser's taste. Solid wood, stainless steel and tempered glass are common choices.

Comptoir de réception salon barbier

The cost

Cost is an important criterion to consider when choosing a reception counter. The salon budget must be taken into account to avoid exceeding financial limits.

By taking these factors into account, you'll grab your customers' attention at first sight. They'll leave with nothing but fond memories and total satisfaction. The criteria for choosing a reception counter for a barbershop or women's hairdressing salon should be evaluated according to the salon's specific needs. Size, materials, functionality, customer comfort, design and cost are all important criteria to consider when making your choice.

The various reception units available from Groupe Coiff

Comptoir de réception salon barbier

Groupe Coiff counters are characterized by comfort, quality and originality. Here is a selection of reception counters:


With storage drawers to suit your needs, this sophisticated and elegant model features a large tray to showcase your products. The white lacquered wood body offers an elegant, durable finish. With dimensions of 140 x 45 x 110 cm, it doesn't take up much space.


This 160x60x115 cm hair salon reception unit is a modern, functional model. It features square lines for a high-end aesthetic. The elegant design of this styling unit makes it a stylish choice for modern hair salons. It's perfect for your reception area.


The Parker reception styling unit is an elegant and practical model made of melamine. It features a large top and several storage spaces. The modest, uncluttered design of this styling unit makes it an aesthetic choice for both traditional and modern hair salons. With its dimensions of 120 x 45 x 110 cm, this unit is ideal for any workspace.


Modern and functional, it comes with an integrated mirror. Its compact dimensions make it ideal for small salons. It has a unique look for an original touch. Several storage spaces are provided for greater working comfort.


This 114x54x124 cm reception box is perfect for a vintage living room. It features a large tray for comfortable reception. Its simple yet elegant design makes a pleasing presentation at a glance.


This reception styling unit is sophisticated and elegant. It features a large wood-finish melamine top. The furniture's sturdy body offers an elegant, durable finish with plenty of storage space. With its dimensions of 111 x 44 x 121 cm, this styling unit is sure to appeal to your clientele.

Advantages of reception counters for hair salons

Comptoir de réception salon de coiffure

Reception counters are an essential part of any hair salon, offering a number of advantages.

  • First impression Our reception counters are well designed to create a positive and welcoming first impression, which can help build customer loyalty.
  • Organization and management Our reception desks become the central point for managing and organizing your show: booking appointments, managing product stocks, carrying out financial transactions, etc.
  • Communication Our reception desks make it easy for your customers to communicate with the professionals you are. They can ask questions. Find out about your hairdressing products, services, rates and more. They can also find out about current promotions, new services or upcoming events.
  • Security Our reception counters also help to ensure salon security. Hairdressers can monitor customers entering and leaving the salon, and safely store money and styling products.

Our reception counters can help you strengthen your brand image. Enjoy a warm, professional atmosphere with complete peace of mind.


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