Maci hair dryer holder

Maci hair dryer holder


Keep your hair dryer close at hand with Maci's steel spiral wall-mounted hair dryer holder. Useful for your hairdressing salon, it's a multifunctional storage device. It keeps your workplace clean, tidy and space-saving.

  • Description of the Maci hair dryer holder

Made of stainless steel, Maci's hair dryer holder is rustproof and scratch-resistant. It safely supports the weight of the hair dryer, while offering easy, convenient use. It also adds style to your salon. Compatible with most types and sizes of hair dryer.

In fact, Maci's hair dryer holder features a structure that allows the hair dryer to be attached in a stable manner. It is designed to fit different sizes and shapes of hairdryer, ensuring universal compatibility.

Then you can attach it to a wall, cabinet or flat surface using screws, suction cups or other fastening systems. This allows you to place it in a convenient, accessible spot in your beauty room or hairdressing area.

  • Maci features

Maci is a stylish stand with elegant finishes to match the decor of your hairdressing space.

Material: Stainless steel
Shape: Spiral
Height: 16 cm
Width: 10 cm

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