Miguel footrest

Miguel footrest


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The Miguel footrest is widely used in hair salons, nail salons, tattoo studios or wherever you simply want to put in front of the seats. It allows your customers to place both feet parallel. It's an excellent footrest for chairs or sofas, giving your customers a place to relax their feet.

  • Description of the Miguel footrest

Light and mobile, solid, durable and of reliable quality, the Miguel footrest is made of stainless steel. High quality and robust construction. With a modern, elegant design in brushed finish, it's much more upscale than the chrome finish. The material and stable quality prevent rusting and scratching.

Grâce à son design ergonomique, le repose-pieds Miguel s’adapte parfaitement à la forme des pieds. Ensuite, cela offre un soutien optimal. En effet, cela garantit une position confortable et naturelle pour les pieds et les jambes pendant le traitement.

By using our footrest, you improve your customers' overall experience in your salon. They'll feel more relaxed and at ease during the session.

Ce qui favorise une atmosphère agréable et une satisfaction client accrue. De plus, le repose-pieds est également bénéfique pour les coiffeurs. Car il leur permet de travailler plus facilement et avec moins de fatigue.

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